Why get certified?

SCUBA Diving literally opens new worlds of adventure and excitement to you.  Explore underwater tropical landscapes inhabited with colorful fish and expansive coral reefs.  Discover the feeling of weightlessness as you fly over strange and alien landscapes painted with every color of the spectrum.  Open up new and exciting experiences in your own back yard.  Whether it's diving a Lake Superior shipwreck or exploring a new area on one of the inland lakes of Northern Minnesota & Wisconsin you'll find there's no end to the opportunities diving provides.

As with any sport, SCUBA is best enjoyed safely through proper training and certification. That's why Superior SCUBA Center offers certification through PADI the worlds larges and most recognized Dive Certification Agency.  PADI certification is the "ticket" you need to enjoy SCUBA safely.  Scuba certification is also required when renting equipment, having tanks filled at reputable air stations, or when diving independently of an Instructor.

Why Superior SCUBA Center?

Students of Superior SCUBA Center enjoy a motivated and caring training staff as well as classes of a comfortable size.  By limiting the number of people in every class we make sure that each student has an ample amount of individual attention from our instructors.  Individual attention gives our students the additional confidence in their skills not offered by all Scuba training facilities.  Smaller class sizes also mean more free time for students making your training experience more fun while giving you the time you'll need to get comfortable with your newly acquired skills.

With busy schedules we understand most people don't have a great deal of time to dedicate to Scuba lessons.  Other facilities offer three to six week scuba certification requiring you to schedule other events around diving lessons.  At Superior SCUBA Center we offer WEEKEND SCUBA CERTIFICATION CLASSES, allowing you to dedicate a single weekend to your Classroom & Pool Training.  After one weekend you'll be prepared to schedule your Open Water Certification Dives.

Don't get caught up in the pricing game, Superior SCUBA Center offers up front pricing.  At Superior SCUBA Center we don't give you one price for classes and then add additional required purchases.  Pricing for our certification classes are up front and include everything you'll need to get certified including ALL equipment*, books, and fees.

* Advanced student divers are required to have their own whistle and dive knife.

Looking for a new challenge?

Expand your diving skills and experience on your next charter with a PADI or TDI specialty course from Superior SCUBA Center. We offer several specialties including:

  • Boat Diver
  • Drysuit Diver
  • Deep Diver
  • Night Diver
  • Wreck Diver
  • Basic & Advanced Nitrox

* Call for availability of specialty classes.